Welcome to General Education Review!

Hello all, and welcome!

My name is Patrick Hutchinson, and I am an Assistant Professor and Chair of General Education at New England College of Business. I have started this site/blog to hopefully begin a discussion and also create a space for all involved in General Education in Higher Education. General Education encompasses many ideas and means different things to different institutions, but I believe we share the same goal; to enrich the lives of our students with new ideas and concepts they might never have otherwise encountered. I’m hoping to have some interesting contributions and discussions; I will also be posting articles and websites that pertain to General Education.

I welcome everyone interested in General Education — I hope faculty, chairs and especially students will join in and provide relevant and thoughtful contributions. I know that many students are hesitant to take courses outside of their areas of interest, so come and see why these courses can be of such value to you!

Welcome again!