Use of ePortfolios in General Education courses

I posted this report recently on my Facebook page, and it got me to thinking about the use of ePortfolios in Gen Ed courses. For those out there reading these posts, do any of you have experience, either as a student or faculty member, in using ePortfolios? We do use them at my institution, but only for capstone courses. I think this is a very valuable idea — it helps students to keep track of the work they are doing over a long period of time, and gives them the ability to access that work later on.

Though this is a business college, these ePortfolios would still be an important part of the student experience. Many students who graduate from here go on to graduate programs, and it may not always be in the business field. It’s important that those of us teaching Gen Ed courses or in Gen Ed departments show students the value of what they are doing.

Here is the study I was referring to: