Critical thinking for a better world!

I was grousing quite a bit in my last post about the possible future of the education system in the U.S., but it also made me energized to come back and try, even in some small way, to make a positive contribution and have my voice heard. Everyone can have an impact!

As this is a blog on General Education, I should not venture too far from my wheelhouse — and I found a perfect article to take me back there. This nice little write-up from the Hays Free Press touts the importance of both critical thinking and using your library; who knew?! It even gives a shout out to Opposing Viewspoints, one of my favorite databases. Here, you can find succinct, thoughtfully written viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum on a number of issues. As the author says, thought, it’s not free so here is yet another vital reason that we need our libraries!

It’s encouraging to read that there are still those who appreciate what your library can do for you and how working to think critically can make you a better person. The article presents a simple but profound message.

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