Two + two = awesome!

Two plus two and four plus one agreements are great ways get students into programs; the cost is much cheaper for the student, and the institutions should hopefully gain more enrollments as part of the agreement.

But there still exists this frustrating and unfortunate bias against liberal arts courses. These courses truly do provide an important foundation for any program, be it business, STEM, etc. The ability to communicate thoughtfully should never be taken for granted, and many of my Gen Ed courses provide just this kind of information.

As a Gen Ed chair, I would love all of the students at my institution to take these courses with us. But I also very much appreciate and value a good two + two program; students can “get these classes out of the way,” often at a lower cost. It also gives them some time to think about their future majors while they are in community college.

Reading some of comments in this great Inside Higher Ed article, you’d think that Liberal Arts courses are the great shame of American education. I should know better, of course –I never find myself in a good mood after a few minutes in the comments section. But it just surprises me that some people find it this hard to see the value in these courses. I suppose I’m lucky in that I have so many of my students tell me how important these classes were to them, so I can take that as a very happy sign that students are having a great experience!

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