Inventive changes coming to Boston University’s General Education Program

It looks possible that there are some very interesting changes coming to the BU Gen Ed program. I’m not aware of how many schools, if any, have implemented these kinds of changes in their Gen Ed curriculum, but I’d love to learn more. This seems like a great way for a large institution to help students make theoretical and practical connections.

If approved, BU will have its Gen Ed program be University-wide as opposed to being specific by college. This would certainly require a lot of thought and preliminary discussion, but it could be very successful. At the small business school where I work, it’s easy to have all the students use the same Gen Ed curriculum — but I wonder what the response will be from students at a university of this size?

The comments seem, as usual, to range from optimism to frustration. General Education programs seem to make few people happy in the moment, but that’s OK; the benefits to the overall learning of the student is well worth it down the road! If anyone has any experience with this type of program, please share!

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