LGBT Students and Financial Aid

Though this blog generally focuses on academic issues related to online learning or general education, I thought I would veer off topic for a bit and discuss an issue that does not get much coverage — the lack of information available for homeless or at risk LGBT youth regarding financial aid.

For any student, applying for any type of financial aid can be a daunting and frustrating process, and it’s not always easy to find the necessary help and information. This is particularly difficult for homeless LGBT students. Disowned from their parents and often confused and afraid, these students need as much help as they can get to complete this often overwhelming task.

My friend Joe Gentile wrote a phenomenal piece a few years back for the Huffington Post, and you can find the link below. In the article, he describes in more detail how a homeless student can start finding resources; there are many good avenues available to these students — we need to make sure this information is public and easily accessible.

That is the point, of course. These students have enough on their minds without needing to hunt down people to explain the process to them. It’s up to us in higher education to make this population not only aware of the resources, but make them feel comfortable and safe enough to reach out of help.

For anyone interested, please take a look at Joe’s article, it gives some very helpful information:

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