How to structure your English Composition courses

I just read a really fun blog post on Inside Higher Ed about the structuring of English Composition I and II courses. While many colleges do seem to follow relatively similar paths, it’s very interesting to see different perspectives.

At NECB, we structure our two Comp courses similar what is mentioned in the blog. For the students who need it, we have a great developmental course. Comp I does include grammar and has a response essay at the core; Comp II includes the all-important research paper. I find that this works quite well for an online business college. We have a required literature course as part of the General Education curriculum, so that subject is not touched upon in the comp courses.

Does anyone have any different models they could share, particularly from business schools? We just finished a thorough redesign of Comp I, so both composition courses will make a nice scaffolding into the rest of the curriculum. That being said, it’s always helpful to hear other ideas!

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