How STEAM can benefit STEM

I’ve been reading a lot of very fun and interesting stories this week about how STEM, in some respects, is changing to become to STEAM. For those who may not be familiar, STEM is an acronym for Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics. STEAM is a fairly new idea where Art is incorporated into the mix.

As a General Education program chair, this is just the kind of idea that appeals to me. STEM courses can take you to some of the most important and in demand fields; but adding art education adds can add critical thinking skills and open up the programs to new students. Students who study art and art history often think in different ways from those who study math, science, etc. These differences are neither better nor worse; they just show that incorporating new, unexpected ideas into a field can create more success down the road.

I’m curious to see where this may go, for both higher education as well as K-12. Here are a few great links with more information:

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