Nano-Degrees and their impact on General Education

Good evening,

I’ve been reading a few very interesting articles this past week on the growing trend on Nano-Degrees, and I’d love to get some feedback from other educators regarding your thoughts and experiences. Since I am fairly new to this idea, I still have a lot of mixed feelings regarding this issue. As a General Education chair at a business college, I protect these so-called “liberal arts-like courses” very closely. I strongly believe that a college should provide a well-rounded education, so courses like Art History, Literature, etc. are critical and I hope we won’t move too far away from this model.

As I said though, I do work a business college, and can be a realist, so I understand the value that some see here. Perhaps you simply want to gain certain skills — you could save both time and money doing so. But are these nano-degrees all that different from certificates? Is it an idea worth exploring?

Here is the article from Forbes which got me thinking, and I hope to hear from some readers as well. Thank you!

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